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Cart Before Horse, Etc.

Most of us live our lives in a quest for some kind of wholeness. So we bumble along trying to chase down ‘success,’ status, experiences or stuff; We may seek a ‘higher plane of consciousness,’ more rational understanding, a better theological system. Whatever the category, our quest usually ends up being about the kind of ‘more’ that’s never enough.

The good news that either nobody’s bothered to tell us or that we’ve rejected is that we can be ALREADY whole because God ALREADY loves us…and how more whole can there be than that?

Accepting his love frees us to live life according to who we ALREADY are. Our lives become no longer a quest FOR wholeness, but an expression OF wholeness. It’s simply a matter of getting the horse in front of the cart.

And now you know the theme of my present manuscript.

cart and horse

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Finding Your Inner Hobbit

feet┬áDeeper thinkers than myself have explored an entire range of meaning that Tolkien’s hobbits offer. But three simple things about them come to my more primitive mind, things that could change our lives.

1. Walk barefoot. Take off your shoes and socks, then stand in the grass, on a beach, on a rock…on a tree root. CONNECT with the world without the separation of a shoe. We belong to all that is around us…we need to take a moment to FEEL it.

2. Take a deep breath. Really deep. Breathing is necessary for life, of course, but stealing a moment to pause and suck in a deep, lung-stretching, chest-expanding breath is soul-refreshment. Breathing exercises appropriately fill pages of books. It is breathing that settles and centers us, ultimately reminding us of the Creator from whom all breath comes.

3. Look up. I’m guessing most of us spend days without looking up. We look straight ahead, over, and down, but rarely up. Looking up invokes a sense of place. And guess what? The ‘place’ we have is not the center of the universe. Looking up reminds us that there is surely something greater than ourselves.

So let’s find our inner hobbits, take off our shoes, breathe deeply, and look up. Three simple acts to connect us more intentionally to the amazing cosmos of which we are a part.


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