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Welcome Watchers

I would like to welcome the U.S. Department of State to this site; I see that you’ve come to visit me here just like you do on my website: http://www.cdbaker.com.  Please invite your friends at Homeland Security and the NSA.

I do confess to looking forward to the day when We the People are able to watch you more closely, as well. In the meantime, I’m not really sure what you think you’ll find here, but I do hope you find our discussions about faith, hope, and love uplifting. Have a wonderful day snooping. 


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The Watchers

Today my software reported that, once again, the U.S. State Department was ‘visiting’ my website. (www.cdbaker.com) They’ve been there before, doing what I don’t know except that they’ve downloaded pictures. And, Homeland Security has been there, too. Bored agents? Curious employees expanding their minds during lunch? Government snoops?

I really don’t know. But I do know that I don’t like it.watching

Information is control. That’s a principle at work in all categories of life. If you know something about a person, a situation, etc., you have some control over it. No, I’ve nothing to hide; I’m not a conspirator against the government; I’m not a criminal. But I don’t like being ‘watched,’ especially by the government.

Afterall…who’s watching the Watchers?

No thank you. I want the Watchers to leave me alone.  I like my privacy. And I respect your privacy.


Because privacy confers dignity, respect, and liberty. Privacy contributes greatly to the character of our humanity.

I want the Watchers to go away.

But they won’t.

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