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By request

BY REQUEST: A sample from the beginning of the first story of my new children’s book, ‘Seedlings’…
From 'Seedlings,' by cd baker

From ‘Seedlings,’ by cd baker

Chapter One; Shady Maple.
One day, a brisk wind brought a group of twirling maple seeds to Springfield Flats. After some rain and warm sunshine, seedlings began to grow out of the ground. The first seedling to cast a tiny shadow was named, ‘Shady Maple.’
Shady grew more quickly than the other seedlings. She liked that. She soon learned that if she grew the most leaves, she could have more to say. So, she hurried to grow leaves.
Shady also learned that if she could take the most soil with her roots, she could get the most water. So, she started to do that.
Then she learned that if she grew the biggest branches, she could take the most sunlight. So she did that, too.
As the seasons passed, Shady Maple kept growing bigger and bigger. She wanted to take as much as she could for herself. She liked the idea of having it all. She even thought she deserved it because she was the first to make shade.
But even though she had the most of everything, she became an angry tree. She didn’t like it when her neighbors tried spreading their roots near hers. She didn’t want them growing their branches too close, either.
One of her neighbors was Silver Maple. He began to complain. “Hey Shady,” he said one day. “You need to share more root-room. I can barely get the food and water I need.”
Shady didn’t care. “That’s too bad, Silver. I was here first. I deserve the most. But I’m not a mean tree. I’ve left everyone a little root-room. Just be thankful for that!”

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