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perfectionistMy next novel will explore the diabolical danger of perfectionism. It shows up in ruined personal relationships, in materialist utopianism, and in spiritual impulses expressing as ‘Christian Perfectionism’ or in spiritual/energetic disciplines intended to reveal the divine that supposedly IS us.  In the end, perfectionism ultimately denies our humanity which is why all such efforts are doomed to fail and usually at a great cost. I can say none of this better than Richard Rohr, Roman Catholic mystic. The following is excerpted from his Dec 9, 2016 blog entry. Follow him via http://www.cac.org.

The demand for the perfect is the enemy of the possible good. Be peace and do justice, but don’t expect perfection in yourself or the world. Perfectionism contributes to intolerance and judgmentalism, and makes ordinary love largely impossible. Jesus was an absolute realist, patient with the ordinary, the broken, the weak, and those who failed. Following him is not a “salvation scheme” or a means of creating some ideal social order as much as it is a vocation to share the fate of God for the life of the World, and to love the way that God loves—which we cannot do by ourselves.

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