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Jesus coverFrank Viola’s Interview of ‘Becoming the Son’

Frank Viola is ranked as the #2 Christian blogger, drawing tens of thousands of monthly visitors. I suspect we don’t see eye to eye on everything, but I am pleased with the honest and straightforward interview he published regarding my otherwise controversial, ‘autobiography’ of Jesus. Link on the headline.

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04/14/2014 · 1:02 am

Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of Jesus

Well, we’re still celebrating the upcoming release of the Jesus novel throughout Russia and Ukraine. Thanks to the vision and inspiring commitment of Taras Boyko…founder of Knigonosha Ltd publishing in Ukraine…his company will release the book in Russian language as part of a joint effort with Russian giant, Eksmo Publishing. The English version remains available on Amazon.com, of course. For those not yet familiar with the novel, please have a look at the short trailer, above.

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11/11/2013 · 3:38 pm