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The vast majority of Christians I know default to a way of life perhaps best described as ‘boot-strap Christianity.’ It’s about obedience, law-keeping, dodging an angry God, earning favor, etc. They call it, ‘living faithfully.’ But are they? Is self-effort…self-sanctification in theological terms if you will, really the life that Jesus intended?

My good friend Dave McCarty addresses this issue so well in the link below. I hope you’ll follow his blog; it’s well worth your time and way better than mine. 🙂      http://dumbsheepdave.com/we-are-not-called-to-be-faithful/

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03/11/2014 · 11:18 am

A Blog that’s WAY better than mine…

A wise OLD, crotchety, scary-looking friend of mine has an amazing, grace-based blog that I really hope you’ll subscribe to. The link is here…I promise you will be very glad you checked him out.       http://dumbsheepdave.com/

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11/22/2013 · 1:05 pm

Things You Find in a Men’s Room

preacherI picked up a tract in a North Carolina men’s room. It said, “If you have ever sinned, then God sees you as a liar, a blasphemer a drunkard…You owe him your soul because you have not lived correctly. The payment is Hell and payday is not far away…you must truly repent or spend eternity in Hell.”

I’m guessing someone thought they were helping spread the ‘Good News.’


Where do I begin? “IF you have sinned?” Who hasn’t?

“THEN God sees you…?” Doesn’t he always see me?

“THEREFORE you owe him your soul?” Doesn’t He always keep my soul?

And what doe ‘truly’ repenting look like?

Then there’s the whole unbiblical, eternal conscious torment thing.

Well, beyond all the discomforting particulars, it occurred to me that communication is more than (bad) information…it’s also spirit. Where was the love? Where was grace? Where was Jesus?

Actually, I COULDN’T imagine Jesus handing such a thing to the woman at the well, so I stuffed it in my pocket, read it a few times in disbelief, then crumpled it up and tossed it away.

Of course, I’m not so sure that my spirit in the crumpling was all that it should have been, either.


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The Danger of Sunday School

I can’t say it any better than this blogger:

I Wonder If Sunday School Is Destroying Our Kids


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