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Why Understanding the Incarnation Matters

Click on the title to link to an excellent blog post that reminds us of how important a clear understanding of the Incarnation is. The way we approach physicality and the beauty of all the Creation is affected by whether or not we really believe that God loves what he made. (‘For God so loved the Cosmos…’) The Incarnation…God becoming a human being…reminds us that matter is sacred…especially human form. I won’t bother repeating the contents of the article, but I hope you will read it.

And now for my shameless pitch…I also hope you will consider my novel, ‘Becoming the Son,’ for its primary purpose is to stir the imagination to consider the MANY possibilities of what God becoming a man can mean.

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01/10/2014 · 2:38 pm

What’s Wrong with Everybody and What’s Been Done About It?



If you’ve tried wading through the writings of Christian mystics, Eastern philosophers, and general theology, etc., you’ll probably agree that it’s all confusing. There’s an awful lot of competition for truth! Recently, I decided to boil down what I’ve read and attempt a summary statement about our cosmic situation. I originally wrote this for myself, but I thought some of you might be wrestling with similar ideas. Warning: it’s boring, but hopefully it might fuel some interest in your trying such an exercise for yourself.

One man’s cosmic overview:

We humans began created in the image of God, thus given an identity and purpose in a state called the ‘Original Self.’ As such, we were intended to live in innocent dependence within the abundant joy of divine love. A important faculty of the Original-Self is free will…the ability to make a moral choice.

Present in the universe is a force that is opposed to love and we call it ‘Evil.’ Tempted by Evil, the Original-Self violates its innocence when it chooses to pursue wisdom (wholeness in life) apart from dependence on divine love. Thus, the Original-Self abandons God and overthrows itself by effectively creating a false self–an alter-ego called the ‘Egoic-self.’ The consequences are the disruption of communion with God and the emergence of the forces of fear, shame, and their many tangential miseries.

In response, the Egoic-self desperately reacts by searching for love. By its very nature, the Egoic-self remains committed to autonomy from God. Therefore, it ultimately seeks love from destructive sirens such as power/control, celebrity, perfectionism, achievement, beauty, order, knowledge, etc.

However, God has not abandoned the Original-Self. Truth is offered as a means of exposing the Egoic-self to the light of Christ-love…the unconditional Love of God as revealed through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Original-Self is invited to surrender to Christ-love and restore communion with God, breaking the power of the Egoic-self.

A restored Original-Self is thus liberated from the domination of the Egoic-self and its ally Evil–but not their presence. For this reason, continued spiritual transformation is an ongoing struggle that characterizes the normal Christian life.

That’s It. The problems of the universe are now solved. Thanks for reading.

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