Wabi-sabi and such

No, this is not about sushi.

Wabi-sabi is a Japanese art form. But more than that, it is a recognition that wellness and imperfection co-exist, beautifully. It is therefore the aesthetic of the authentic– an appreciation of how the world actually is. Wabi-sabi celebrates Wisdom AS art.

Compare the beauty of our friends here. images-4The young woman is, well, attractive to be sure. But what about the kindly depth in the eyes of the gentle woman tucked around herself? I’m guessing every wrinkle offers a story worth hearing.images-2


Indeed the fellow with the slick hair is handsome.imgres But let’s not miss the inspiring joy of old grey beard. I’m guessing that smile of his was hard won.


We can learn from Wabi-sabi…and if we do, perhaps we can all laugh like this fellow.


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