Does Evil Exist?

evil.jpeg My page has been dark for a long time as I’ve invested all the energy I have into the eventually-to-be-released, The Pursuit of Leviathan.

However, in that research, I spent a great deal of time reading about Islamic mysticism as per the Sufis. Like many eastern philosophy/religions, Sufism argues that ‘evil is an illusion.’ Evil does NOT exist, per se, but is simply a lack of goodness. Much of western thought agrees: Evil is not a presence with a purpose of its own. Therefore, we have no ‘evil’ ideas, only ignorant notions needing enlightenment. There are not ‘bad’ people, just folks who need more education, a hand up, a few extra bucks, etc.

But if Evil actually EXISTS as a presence–an existential force with an agenda–the game changes. Ignorance then is caused; oppression, murder, hatred, bigotry are  manifestations of something far greater than supposed.

Deciding what we believe about this makes a great deal of difference in how we approach the world around us. Most of us operate on one assumption or the other. It would be very helpful if we took a moment to recognize how WE view the ‘unhealthy,’ ‘wicked,’ things around us. Are these voids in need of filling, or the residue of a presence we need to oppose? Or perhaps something else altogether?


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One response to “Does Evil Exist?

  1. Frank Liebert

    In my experience Evil has not been a vacuum. It is rather a twisted perversion of kindness and love. Not easily detected without serious effort.

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