‘?’ or ‘!’ ?

What world would you rather inhabit, the world of ‘!’ or the world of ‘?’

‘!’ is certain; it instills confidence because it declares stuff.
‘?‘ is uncertain, wavering because it’s always adding another question.

images (1)!’ therefore seems more powerful. After all, it exclaims the Truth about things. But ‘!’ has a secret: it’s actually terrified of ‘?’ so it tries to crush questions whenever they appear.

Religious systems in particular love ‘!‘ and despise ‘?’ So questions are not welcome. But, certainty doesn’t actually need faith. This leaves us with a sudden irony: the essence of faith…belief within the humble world of ‘?’… stands opposed to many religious communities.

Linguist Victor Klemperer argued that the ‘?’ is actually the most potent human symbol. Perhaps that’s why true faith is ultimately a more powerful force than certitude.

So I think I’ll hang with the doubters of the not-so-certain world of ‘?’ Faith seems safer, after all.


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