german guyI was going to stay silent for a time and just listen, but I recently ‘heard’ this image and had to say something. Take a good look at the guy in the middle of the circle. He doesn’t belong. In fact, he’s not just standing there, he’s protesting with his arms folded making sure everyone around him knows that he’s chosen to be an un-belonger. Un-belonging isn’t easy and I’m guessing this guy came to a bad end. Ironically, his bad end was a good end, however, for his solitary protest proved to be on the right side of truth and goodness. In a world of political, cultural and religious correctness, we may need more un-belongers like him. We need people with the courage to fold their arms in a sea of true believers to say, ‘wait a minute, something’s wrong here.’ I’m wondering how often any of us have had the courage to make the conscious decision to un-belong to an ideology, a dogma, a political perspective or a cultural consensus that had an aroma of stink around it. Truth and goodness need more of us to belong with this guy in the middle of circles like his. When conscience calls, may more of us choose the way of Un-belonging.



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2 responses to “Un-belonging

  1. Thanks to a reader, we have more information about this brave fellow: http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/August_Landmesser

  2. To thine own self be true. If you know what is right for you and you follow that calling long enough you might catch yourself becoming an “un follower”! I love this post! Could not agree more with it!

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