Stop Talking Please

listeningYou may have noticed that this site has been dark for a time. First, thanks for noticing. Second, there’s a reason for it:  I’ve recognized that I talk too much and listen too little. So I’ve politely asked myself to stop talking.

I’ve come to recognize the value in believing that others just may be wiser, better informed, and/or more ‘enlightened’ than myself. It seems like a healthy assumption…with an occasional exception.

I will be back from time to time with something to say, but in the meantime, I hope to invest more time in the power of listening, for listening is the gift too often forgotten. Feel free to keep in touch; I’d love to LISTEN to what you have to say.



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4 responses to “Stop Talking Please

  1. I’ve read all your books, Mr. Baker. I’d suggest your struggle with this helps in the same way those books helped free me to listen well, yes, but also to speak, if even haltingly, of the challenge of letting go of answers.

    I find it difficult to feel sufficiently confident to share my honest insecurity when listening too much to what passes for share-worthy from many Christians and nonChristians alike. And I believe all here would agree we could use your voice, calling us quietly, humbly back to the table to speak what small truths we do know amidst the vast languages we don’t yet grasp.

    It would be a more difficult journey without your kind and truthful voice. Your brilliance, as Debbie said, beckons in the questions and dialogue you unfailingly invite us to. And I’m grateful.

    Ever listening with you,

  2. >others just may be wiser, better informed, and/or more ‘enlightened’ than myself.
    I’m less sure about THAT. 🙂

  3. Mitch

    I don’t know how or what but I’d love to listen to another book in the genre of “Becoming The Son.”

  4. Brilliant – and since I read your 40 Loaves daily devotional I will be listening to your brilliance in your quietness!

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