Leviathan and Other Sea Monsters

The Book of Job introduces us to Leviathan…a legendary sea monster that represented chaos.Leviathan

Like Job, we don’t like chaos. We prefer the ordered, mechanical universe of Isaac Newton. In that universe life is rational and functions according to dependable Laws of Nature. For atheists, it is rationality that ultimately directs the cosmos’ perpetual evolutionary processes. For Christians, a God of order works things out according to a rational design. Since nobody wants sea monsters, science and Creationists simply argue over which rational system makes more sense. However, the truth that Job had to learn the hard way is that the cosmos is ultimately not rational; Leviathan is alive and well.

We have all experienced this uncomfortable reality. Life is often unjust, unpredictable, even random. Yet we resist accepting the truth of chaos. Perhaps we fear that the existence of Leviathan somehow threatens the presence and/or authority of God. In fact, chaos offers a more persuasive argument for God’s existence than the efforts of Christians to out-science science: The non-rational and often irrational realities of our lives serve no logical purpose to the rational assumptions of a godless universe. Recognizing how chaos is used to overrule the predictable invites us to see the hand of God at work.

Indeed, God reigns. Job said, (as per a more accurate reading of the Hebrew) ‘Only the Lord gives and only the Lord takes away.’  Rather than deny sea monsters, we can learn to trust in a good God who rules over Leviathan and over order out of love…the most irrational sea monster of them all!



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