Celebrating 20 Years of Riding the Keyboard

at St Andrews In February, 1994 I stared at a wall of books and reached for one on Church history. I know what you’re thinking. In any event, I paged through the book until I came across an odd event known as the Children’s Crusade of 1212. My imagination began to turn and four years later I had finished my first novel, now titled, ‘Crusade of Tears.’

This journey has taken me far and wide in worlds past and present. I’ve had the honor of meeting some incredible people and being eviscerated by some of the best editors in the business. Unit sales have never been impressive but in the end it’s been YOU…my small but loyal band of readers…who have made it all worthwhile. Thank you for your faithful support, your critical and positive reviews, your encouraging emails…and for telling your friends.

Now, to celebrate two decades of borderline insanity, Kindle is GIVING AWAY downloads of EVERY FICTION title I have released. These FREE downloads are available from 2/12/14 thru 2/16/14. To get yours, go to this link:  www.cdbaker.com  and scroll down to the carousel. Click on a book, and you’ll be taken directly to amazon.com. Take one or take them all…but please help yourself, and tell your friends. Did I mention that they’re FREE? 🙂

Hoping for another decade…or two. Thanks! David.



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5 responses to “Celebrating 20 Years of Riding the Keyboard

  1. Very sorry I missed this excellent “sale”! It won’t stop me from reading the books though. 😀 I fell in love with your writing after reading, The List. It was one of the best pieces of historical fiction I have read to date. (And I have read a lot of it over the years as a homeschooling mom.) I enjoyed it so much I wrote a review of it on Amazon. 🙂

    I look forward to reading the Crusade of Tears this year with my children as we study the medieval world, and just today discovered your WWII book that looks fascinating.

    Thank you again for your work!


    • Thank you, Kate. So nice to hear from you! You will find Crusade and especially ‘Eva Volk’ to be somewhat different than ‘The List.’ I hope you enjoy them, nonetheless. I very much appreciate your support.

  2. Frank Liebert

    Congratulations on achieving such a significant milestone in your writing career ! I pray The Father will bless You with many more.

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