Putin, Savior of Conservative Values?

ImageWhat kind of question is that? Ridiculous, right?

After all, this guy was/is a KGB monster… an oppressor of his own people and others. He’s the puppet master of Eurasia, the diabolical darkness behind lesser ‘strong men’ in Syria and Iran…the noose around the good people of Ukraine. So ‘Savior of Conservative Values?’

A recent article  (http://m.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2013/12/vladimir-putin-conservative-icon/282572/ ) provides a fascinating look at the temptation he poses to those who crave a return to ‘traditional values.’ When he refers to Western liberalism as ‘genderless and infertile,’ I can imagine the American heartland applauding; when he opposes homosexuality without apology, I’m guessing American Evangelicalism would yield a nod; when he scoffs at political correctness or urges national identity, I’m guessing that many here would stand and roar their approval. The similarity to another monster is disturbing. Adolf Hitler opposed the soft liberalism of his time; he sponsored pro-life, anti-abortion rallies, and handed out motherhood awards to support ‘traditional family values.’

Don’t be surprised if you or someone you know begins to comment favorably about the tyrant, Putin. Use it as a warning to be careful about how we react to troubling trends in our own nation. Demagogues have always sought the ‘action in the reaction.’ Let’s not start seeking a ‘savior’ of our own.


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One response to “Putin, Savior of Conservative Values?

  1. russianfootballbeareating

    Putin has saved the Russian People from Certain demographic death. Just because their culture isn’t like ours doesn’t mean shit. Gorbachev is a bastard who hates Russians and Putin is the one who is there for his people…

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