How to Read Differently, Forever

imagesSome time ago I learned a little trick about reading…especially about reading the Bible. It’s about where you put the beat. Here’s what I mean: Take the beginning of John 3:16 for example…’For God so loved the world…’ Sounds pretty familiar, right?

Now, move the beat–the emphasis–to different words like this: For GOD so loved the world; or, ‘For God SO loved the world;’ or, ‘For God so LOVED the world;’ finally, ‘For God so loved the WORLD.’ Each time the beat changes, the effect changes.

Try it.  You will NEVER read anything the same way again…You will never READ anything the same way again…You will never read ANYTHING the same way again…:)



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2 responses to “How to Read Differently, Forever

  1. Thank you, mercysgateblogeditor. I have been much blessed to be able to experience many of the places I attempt to capture with words. I see that you love words, too!

  2. mercysgateblogeditor

    I just left you a nice reply, but it was deleted by an annoying technical problem. I’ll just recap:
    This reply is not so much about your article, but about the pictures of your research you’ve posted on the top-right of your blog. They’re wonderful pictures, and I am supremely jealous of the places you’ve been and the things you’ve got to do, but extremely thrilled for you, and I wanted you to know, that they’ve really paid off. Your books are filled with this research, this historical context, and the setting, that I can always envision your scene-setting very well. You do a great job. So keep up the good work, and keep writing and researching — it’s wonderful.

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