Shameless Self Promotion

I’ve said it before but it bears repeating:  I really hate self-promotion. However, it seems that from time to time it’s a necessity? At least that’s what I’m told by those who urge me forward in my writing. You see, being a ‘writer to the few,’ (that is, offering an outlier’s perspective to other outliers), is a bit of a challenge. With a few exceptions for which I am grateful, established American publishing finds my work either too ‘progressive’ or too ‘orthodox,’ too ‘disturbing,’ or too ‘risky.’ At least that’s what they tell me in their rejection letters.  Therefore, I write from the borderlands, as it were, and without benefit of the money machine. (I should immediately acknowledge the inspiring support I receive from my foreign publishers, especially Knigonosha Ltd of Kiev, as well as the ongoing affirmations of my present American publisher, Random House/Waterbrook!)  No matter what, however, I remain ever grateful to my brave little band of readers for their unflinching loyalty over nearly twenty years. It’s your telling your friends and your friends’ friends that makes all the difference.  And I appreciate your nudges to do more to promote the work myself; It’s just hard for me.

Now, having said all that as something of an apology for what’s below, here’s a link to a video promo for my latest book, ‘Becoming the Son; an Autobiography of Jesus.’ The video was produced by an early publisher…Doug Schmitt, now of Mad Monk Productions. He’s one of those who keeps pushing me! Thanks for the great job on the video, and for the nudges, shoves and occasional lectures on why I should shamelessly self-promote.



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  1. You have worthwhile things to say, David. If you don’t promote yourself, who will believe in you enough to promote you? Shameless? I don’t think so.

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