Why Get Out of Bed?

in bedWHY GET UP IN THE MORNING? It seems like time simply gnaws away at our lives one day at a time, leaving us little to show for our efforts, even our best efforts to accomplish good things. Looking at life this way can be frustrating and very discouraging.
A friend of mine and former nun from Scotland wrote a profoundly wise response to this: “Dear David, ultimately the important thing is not what you achieve for God but that you receive God’s love, that you love God, and that you love those around you as well as you know how. This is how you live as a Christian.”
Three awesome reasons to get out of bed!



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2 responses to “Why Get Out of Bed?

  1. Hi Dave: great to hear from you! Yes, like the writer of Ecclesiastes says, ‘success’ on this earth is woefully unimpressive. In my view, ‘happiness’ can be elusive, too, if not understood within a proper context. Hope all’s well with you.

  2. I assumed that success would make me happy. I tried to become successful in order to become happy. Now I realize that success is fleeting. When one achieves any goal, we set the next goal even higher. Constantly moving success farther from reach. Since you can never reach success, you can never be happy.

    Reversing the situation seems to do the trick. First, and above all else, be happy. Do good things, do what you feel is right. When you are happy you work better and smarter.

    I now define success as being happy 🙂

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